Nits, nymphs, lice---they are the names given to parasites at different stages of life but if you have them then it only means one thing; go get yourself a lice comb or something else that can rid you of those blood-sucking parasites forever.  Or else, suffer the consequences of constantly scratching your head or worse, being ridiculed for your head parasites.

Nits or lice eggs are found close to the scalp and are glued tightly on the hair follicles.  The female mature louse can lay as many as five to eight eggs of nits per day.  Nits may be very tiny parasites the size of a pinhead but they have six legs with which they attach themselves firmly to the hair shaft making it difficult to catch them.

Having nits is bad enough but removing nits is another problem.  However, this is a problem that you have to act on as soon as you detect the existence of nits in your head to avoid head lice infestation.  A nit becomes sexually mature in a week’s time and can produce more nits if they remain in the head.

Removing nits

There are various ways to remove nits.  You can follow the traditional way which is to hold hostage the person with the lice and manually remove the parasites from his head for hours.  This is called nit picking. While the presence of head lice does not reflect how hygienic you are, there is no harm in making sure that you regularly wash your hair and your scalp. This method alone is also not guaranteed to completely remove all the head lice.

If you are a man then you can opt to shave your hair so that the lice will no longer have something to attach itself to. But what if you are a girl?  Shaving would definitely be a bad idea.  And if you have long hair then it makes manual removal of head lice more difficult and painful considering the tugging and pulling your hair have to go through. 

There are plenty of products in the market that also claim to be effective in killing head lice.  You can try the head lice shampoo as it is one of the easiest head lice treatments you can avail of.  However, using head lice shampoo alone is not guaranteed to rid your head a hundred percent of nits. And when even a few nits remain in your hair, it can easily multiply and spread to people you are in close contact with.

Some people use a combination of methods and products to remove nits and among the favorite combination is the use of essential oils, enzymes and a head comb. Applying oil to the hair can remove nits and the remaining parasites are further removed through the follow up use of a nit or lice comb.

You can use a head lice shampoo or oil but make sure you follow through with a professional head lice several times a well to remove nits and adult lice from your hair.  It is only by completely removing the nits as well as the adult lice from your hair that will make your hair free of lice infestation.  Otherwise, even a few nits left on your hair can cause a resurgence of the problem.

But whatever products you use to rid your hair of nits, make sure that they are safe and non toxic to avoid an even greater problem.